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First day out

Got a jump on the season Thursday. Pretty sketchy conditions but really fun. 10-14 inches over small rocks. More snow is forecast  for Sunday.

eric first day First day out

Pretty soon this spot will be very busy.

first day First day out

This is my sixth season blogging about snowskating and building snowskates.  I have no idea what the year holds but I’m looking forward to getting on with this winter. I should be posting every Fri or Sat. I will be getting a product page with pricing up soon. In the meantime feel free to shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts on the blog/snowskates/riding/whatever >

Updates coming soon!!!

Snow in the mountains means its time to fire up the blog for the coming season. Here’s some snowless shots of the backyard set up.

This is the new dirt mound. There should be lots of ways to hit this thing.

dirt mound Updates coming soon!!!

Scored a couple of rail from a skate shop that went under.

assorted impliments Updates coming soon!!!

popsicle rail Updates coming soon!!!

Backyard riding is one of the reasons I got into snowskating, lets hope this winter brings some snow accumulation down low!!!

I am working hard in the shop on decks and subs. Will have some shop pics soon as well as a product page. But until then you can enjoy a short video of last seasons highlights.