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The following testimonial is from Daniel, an older gentleman who still enjoys pushing his limits. He wrote this very nice note to me about riding his snowskate. It was one of the very early completes that I sold so to hear that he is still riding it makes me feel great!!

Thanks again Daniel,

I started skiing when I was 8 years old. (back in1961) on a rope tow. As a teenager I practiced with the Olymipic Ski Teem. As an adult I skied, not as often as I’d like, but when I could.  When I took a job in Washington state I thought I’d learn to snow board instead of ski because I most often ski with my wife who althought an expert is causch and goes slower.  So I was always waiting for her. I nearly beat myself silly always falling either on my butt or knees. The first time I taped pillows on my butt.  I had a hard time standing up after putting on bindings and once spent a half hour at the top of the slope before I got going just trying to stand. Then I saw a young girl, about 22, and she just slid off the lift, stopped, set the board and steped on. Off she went. I knew I had to have one of thoses. So I chasted her down and asked her what it was. I then spent the next month reasearching dual-deck snow skates. Finily I found ChillerDecks. That was back in 2009-2010.

 I still enjoy my 135 cm dual deck snow skate purchased from youall back in the early wenter of 2010. Now over 6 years later I take it wherever I go in the wenter when I might be able to ski (skate). [What do I call it?]
 I am now almost 63 and find the ride very enjoyable and sometimes taxing on steep slopes. I mostly ski (skate) on groomed slopes and light power up to about 4 inches.  More than 4 inches and it bogs down. I’ve used it in Michigan, Ohio (where home is), Pinsilvania,  Washington, Arazona, Maine, Iowa (across the bridge from Omaha, Na),  Minnisoda, Massachautts and South Korea, where I am working now.  I was here last wenter and if the job continues will be on the slopes hear again. I generally get to ski (ride) 10 to 20 times a wenter. Sometimes more sometimes less, when I’m close to a ski area that allows snowskates.
 Now for some stistics:
 Board is custom made by ChillerDecks with a Helicopter on the bottom.
 It’s less than 5′ long. Its’ numbered, I think 135 or 139??
 wider in front than rear
 I added studs in the board when I first got it because I thought I’d need more tracsion. 4 (2 each side on the front) and 8 (4 each side rear)
 my home is Ohio.[ I grew up in Maine]
 my Height is ~ 5′ 8″
 my Weight is ~ 165# [not as much muscle as I once had]
 I am Right handed
 I ride Regular Foot (left foot forward) not Goofey Foot, but I can switch when I prastice.
 I stand with both feet facing right and not left foot foot more straight.
 I don’t do jumps or tricks, but I can do 360s when I prastice.
 I ride chair lifts and get off by setting the board down infrount of me and quickly climbing on for the short slide off the landing.
 The green coiled dog leash is too long and I have each end wrapped back about 10 inches.
 I put a couple of holes in the tip of the deck and ran a nylon roap through them and through a piece of dubing to make a handle.  This helps me cary it and also get off the lifts.
 I find T bars hard, but can ride them if I have a good skier on with me. Their stability lets me stay in the groves up the lift line.
 For those who want more excitment then I heartly recommend switching to a dual deck snow skate by Chiller Decks.  I’ve ridden other brands and ChillerDecks if a far better ride and far better control.


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