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Caribou Hut Trip 2012

This last weekend we spent at the Caribou Hut in the selkirk mountains. Chris Munro and I took our three sons, Teig 10, Marshall 11 and Max 12. The boys hiked like champs and acted like goof balls, it was great. I know I’ve been a bit lax on posting, and it seems to happen each year at this time. Something about trying to get in all the riding I can seems to compete with work and thus put the updates at the end of the line. Hopefully we will get some great pics and video from this coming weekend when I meet up with a bunch of like minded individuals in the Sawtooths again. Anyways, here’s a short video of the hut trip, enjoy.


We have been getting so much snow lately that it was time to make a bigger sub to handle deep conditions. With the current 145 you can go anywhere on the mountain and ride a ton of pow but when it starts getting over say 10-12 inches in a single day dump then it becomes harder if the terrain isn’t steep. I could go into the minute details of the bigger sub but lets just leave it at bigger or maybe puffier, hence its current nickname “puffy”. Here’s a close up shot of the bottom which is 3/4 of an inch wider then the current 145.

puffybottomcloseup Puffy

But with the extra width comes a loss of leverage which means that it takes more pressure to set the edge in a turn on groomers. In the powder of course the opposite is true, you ride higher in the snowpack and thus its easier to turn.

puffytrees Puffy

We had a great day off the backside of one. Hiked a couple of powder laps then went looking for some jumps. Found this snow covered tree first. It cracked as soon as Cole hit the lip.

puffytreehit Puffy

puffyslashtwo Puffy

Just below this was a road cut with a wind lip that we pat down.

puffypatdown Puffy

Puffy handled great and will be the go to board for deep conditions which I hope continue.