You have all heard of the Banff mountain film festival I’m sure. Some have probably heard of the Radical Reels off shoot of the Banff film tour. Its like the Banff film festival but without hippos and such, just action sports. Kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, wing suit flying, climbing and biking are the usual topics. Its a popular night in Sandpoint and we usually attend. The night starts with the lights dimming and a montage of clips from all the different movies. Two second video parts streamed together with pumping music to get you stoked. It’s fun to watch and gives you an idea of the nights offering. As I watched the pow shots connected to the mtb jumps, wingsuit clips and waterfall drops there came a moment of clarity. On the screen was a bideck snowskate attached to a snowskater….. Just like that. Someone catching a bit of air, tweaking it a bit. It looked amazing, just one second of snowskating on the big screen. Who was it? What board were they riding? Were we going to see a full snowskate video tonight? It couldn’t be, I would have heard something about it. I mean we all know who we are right? I literally feel like I know every snowskater on the planet or at least have one degree of separation. Had someone told me that there was a short snowskate clip in the intro I definitely would have gone just to see it. Just like I bought many of the Absinthe videos just for the Wolle strapless segments.

So there was a snowskate clip of someone catching air and the video quality looked pretty awesome so who what were how? I watched each video that night waiting for the segment. Would it suck or be goofy? I kinda felt like we wouldn’t see it, just would be impossible for me not to know about it. So when the night ended without any more snowskating shots I was left with a mystery that in the end was pretty simple to solve. The first flick of the night was Supervention. A great movie out of Norway. I searched it on the web, read the rider list and discovered that Terje was one of the riders. Then all the blanks filled in. No wonder the shot, how ever brief, was rad and I’m pretty sure he was on a Ralston. A facebook search of the movie even had a post about Terje launching on a skate.

The nights videos were amazing, the film quality out of reach and the stunts all next level but that short one-second clip, and the mystery it provided was the highlight of the night. Netflix streams Supervention so now my job is to see if there is more then just one second of snowskating in the full uncut version. If not there are still plenty of snowskate videos to enjoy. Especially this new one from Adrian Rassmusen called “Cascade Concrete”. Its a rad little film about real skaters riding every chance they get. Its the closest I’ve seen to representing snowskating in a way that I can relate to. Thanks Adrian!!

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