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The lotsa pictures post

I feel like there hasn’t been many pictures of riding in the blog posts. So for this thursday update we are letting anything in starting with a shot of the beacon check. As of this Thursday, everyone has a beacon, probe and shovel and all hoping we never have to use them.

beacon check The lotsa pictures post

Eric‘s new beacon

beacon The lotsa pictures post

view from the top

beacon view The lotsa pictures post

ollie north’s free of  charge

thur session ollie north The lotsa pictures post

you must hike up if you want to go down again

thur session hike The lotsa pictures post

there are always diviersion on the hike up

thur session cole small hit The lotsa pictures post

See that rock up in the left hand corner of this shot of Eric? there’s a picture of that later

thur session eric small The lotsa pictures post

there’s that old hiking again

thur session hike two The lotsa pictures post

and another reason to take a break from hiking

thur session cole big close The lotsa pictures post

these were all makes. Both Eric and Cole felt like the snow was perfect for landing hits. Especially the kind of hits that pop you up.

thur session cole fuzzy The lotsa pictures post

The boot gets steep in a couple of areas, which means it gets steep on the way down too.

thur session hike three The lotsa pictures post

Since the snow was so perfect for landings, Eric felt like today was a good day to send this rock. This wasn’t a make, but its a nice picture.

thur session eric big The lotsa pictures post

145 prototype pic

Here’s a shot of a new sub I’m working on. Its 145 cm and as you can see by the sidecut this should be a good match.  The tails a bit wacky too if you haven’t already noticed but so far the test runs have been engaging. I know the camber looks crazy, I’m sure your wondering where I came up with that and all I can say is “who knows??”

Anyways check it out, let me know what you think in the comments section.

145 proto 145 prototype pic

Another Download

Got a pretty good hike in this morning and here’s the footage to prove it. Short and sweet at 1 min 29 sec. Click here > Jan powder day

First post of 2011

Jesus, its getting harder to come up with catchy titles to these posts especially after I promised tons of pictures in my last entry.  I didn’t come home with any riding shots even though I rode some deep pow. This first picture is from Xmas day when me and my boys hiked off the backside of the resort.

xmas dad powder First post of 2011

This second shot is of the backyard. I came out of the shop to find that the boys had made a pretty sweet jump. All these years I’ve been the major builder in the family but now they are taking over the reins.

kids jump First post of 2011

Remember back before YouTube when you had to download videos? well just consider this a nostalgic trip back in time. Its only 64 mb and well its nothing special, just riding in the backyard. The soundtrack is copyrighted so this is pretty much the only way to show it now a days, plus only those that read the blog and really like snowskating would wait the 5 min for a download. Anyways, just check it out > winter