When we set up the new blog with WordPress all the old content from the original blog was lost. This was not an accident. I look forward more to the season ahead then behind but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some stuff I wouldn’t want to revisit. The first winter of ChillerDecks was 05/06. What began as a way to use old snowboards to ride terrain around my yard morphed into a desire to always ride strapfree. The first year, I met Jordan who was also riding his own snowskate creations and he told me about “Shut Up and Snowskate.” He described it as a bideck comp where you wouldn’t see any single riding. Here are a few pics of that comp, to say it BLEW my mind is an understatement. I had no idea!

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Although I was riding a really wide snowskate, the slushy terrain was kinda perfect and I was able to have fun on some of the smaller features.

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