Many people just don’t get it. They see us riding in the powder and ask why wouldn’t we just ride a snowboard. I’ve come up with the answer, footwear.  I’m mean what other sport allows you to wear skate shoes in the backcountry?

tennis shoes 300x224 Dirty lens post

It has not snowed for a week or so. Things are getting pretty tracked up but there are still lines and with the help of cold nights the hoar frost mimicks fresh snow.

hoar frost 300x224 Dirty lens post

We got in four laps in an area that was across from a spot we usually ride. The snow pack is pretty stable around here due to the lack of accumulation which makes it easy to explore new areas. There were lots of snow mounds to hit and Cole seems to be dialing in his landings.

cole stump hit Dirty lens post

Here’s a little lesson in video production, always make sure your lens is clean. I mean it may be the shot of the century but if you’ve got a dirty lens, well its just take a bit of the shine off. The other thing that is helpful is to shoot in the sun, not the shade. In fact after Cole hit this jump and we were hiking back up the entire field was lit up by the sun, oh well live and learn.

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