Well, its been awhile since my last post, but I’m back and at least for the first part of the winter will be posting weekly updates. Its been a pretty hectic month getting ready for the season. I think this is the most prepared I have ever been before the lifts have started. The new shop has been great and it has afforded me the luxury of a curing booth for the decks and subs. After pressing they all go into this 70 degree room for another 5 days to insure the epoxy cures completely.

novpostcurebooth First post of the 2011/12 season

Although the recycled graphics from the last few years was fun I’m glad to be rid of someone else’s logo on my stuff. This season we’re looking at white, with some soon to be added stickers.

novpostdeckbottomwithtrucks First post of the 2011/12 season

The sliding truck plates are black but other then that I’m pretty much sticking with the same design. Three hole locations and two height options with a quick release pin.

noveposttrucks First post of the 2011/12 season

Black and green grip for the tops, with a built up tail option available too.

novpostdeckwithtrucks First post of the 2011/12 season

The subs from last season worked great but there is always a tweak that can push them even further. I reworked both the 145 and 135 forms for the better. I most excited about the 135 with the slightly longer base and lower sweeps to the nose and tail. Always looking for that short board that will float deep pow. The new subs are in white.

novpostsubs First post of the 2011/12 season

One great thing about the Chiller shop is that there is a great testing zone in the back. Just need a bit more snow to soften those landings.

novpostbackyard First post of the 2011/12 season

The shop is clicking right along but the website is badly in need of a product page and that is next on the agenda.  Expect more pics and prices next week.

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