We took the flipper board up for a test ride yesterday. Mellow slope, 4 inches of new over breakable crust and temps in the low 30’s. This is by no means a definitive test but its a start. The original goal was to get powsurf float and have control on easy groomers. The first prototype kinda performed but wasn’t convincing enough for me to care about riding it more then a few times. This summer I built the new improved flipper. The idea is to use heal climbers to lock out the lower sub into powsurf mode. Flipping the heal climbers up would put it into groomer mode. We wanted to ride the chair up, go out of bounds, ride the sub as a powsurf, come back in bounds, unlock the heal climbers and ride the cat track back to the bottom. After building the sub this summer a new question arose though, how would it perform off piste while still in groomer mode? Yesterday we got a glimpse of what that might be like. Cole’s short ride was the only time the flipper was in powsurf mode the rest is riding it unlocked. We built a very small kicker just to see what it would look like in the air and how it would land compared to the pillow dropper, which is the same size but none flipping. Waring this footage is slo mo of the sub. Its not exactly exciting and its hard to actually see how the board looks any different but its an update.

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