Jeff from Boise called me a few weeks ago with the heads up about this little event called Maidenboise. Its a memorial to a good friend of theirs that passed away several years ago. The usually head up to a place called snowbank and build a huge quarter pipe, camp and hang out with friends. This year though the authorities said no way and the event was quickly moved to Brundage mountain resort. They just kinda showed up in mass and pleaded with the resort manager to let them camp and hike the snow fields. Amazingly enough the manager said ok.

mb parkinglot Maidenboise TR

The snow was pretty damm good for memorial weekend and while it had rained in the parking lot we wanted to head up to the top to look for fresh snow.

mb hike Maidenboise TR

About three quarters of the way up we found a pile of snow. With a bit of work it kinda resembled a quarter pipe with a big gapping hole in it.

Big John goes over.

mb john Maidenboise TR

Jeff gives it a try.

mb jeff Maidenboise TR

Clarke makes it around.

mb clarke Maidenboise TR

We hiked to the top and got some pretty fun turns in the slushy 1″ that fell the night before. By the time we got back down to the event site they had constructed a little quarter pipe. Clarke put together a couple of nice tricks on it.

mb clarke handplant Maidenboise TR

Clarke hit a bunch of great lines and in the end won the event, which made the five or so snowskaters pretty damm proud.  Thanks to CoryMac and all the other sponsers for inviting us down and putting on a great jam.

mb parking lot Maidenboise TR

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