1stashshirtdrilling zps05ca4e4e Shop Pictures

If you visited today, this is what it would look like.  I’m stoked to be able to concentrate solely on skates for a bit and it’s only september!! Definitely feels better then picking away at skates in the evening after spending all day on cabinets.

There’s a lot of work done to get to this phase but still a long way to go before these will be rideable.

2coresstack zpsd746831d Shop Pictures

It used to be that I was satisfied if there wasn’t a big gaping hole in the sidewall. Now it seems like every little detail is important. I’m really just a small time builder barely teetering on the edge of production.

3135top zpsae349d70 Shop Pictures

How many people are gonna hate this base color?

4134bottom zpsdeb1965b Shop Pictures

WTF… I know right?

5noseprofile zps68574278 Shop Pictures

“How did I get here,” comes to mind when I look at the nose on this 135. Uh..this started out first as a way to drop some weight. Then there was the hope that maybe when this thing hits a tree after I have eaten shit, that the nose will bend instead of break. But really the reason I like this flexible nose is for the times I need to use a forearm shiver to keep my skate from splitting my lip. I’d rather have that flexible nose hit me then a full metal rap attack.

6noseflex zps4732cf4a Shop Pictures

Here’s the family line up. From left, the skate moss, 135, 145 and 162.

7boardsandform zps6c0f0f72 Shop Pictures

If you visited today you might be surprised at all the skates in my shop. Definitely inspirational to be surrounded by options.

8shoppicswall zps4b02fda2 Shop Pictures

Before I got started on skates this year I did a huge shop reorganization and cleanup. One of the results was a dedicated glue up area. Stirring and spreading and spilling happens here.

9glueuproom zps8de4e6f7 Shop Pictures

Building skates is so easy, you just pile all the ingredients into the magic bag and out pops a skate…in my dreams.

10vacuumpress zps532640ca Shop Pictures

Lots of work done, lots of work left to do. Decks and skate moss’s waiting for shapes.

11blanks zps5e48963d Shop Pictures

This view would be so much better if there was snow in the background.

12shop zpsc61eb7b0 Shop Pictures

“Hey Mark, how about a little pocket of camber on the back end of the 135? That should be easy to do huh?”

13135onroller zpsd4e6946b Shop Pictures

Piles of crap in back of the jig that cuts the 45 deg edge on the cores.

14trashandjig zps5c8811ba Shop Pictures

This is the first thing I see when I come into the shop. All the cores smiling at me, waiting to be made into skates. I hope they all find a good home.

15coresmouths zps80d49938 Shop Pictures

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