It dumped pretty good this week. Views from the shop made it hard to get anything done.

thanksgivingshopwindow Snow in the backyard

Jordan and Oliver stopped by which was reason enough to get out and ride a bit.

thanksgivingjordan Snow in the backyard

I guess if you hang out with Jordan you better be able to ride a snowskate on the box.

thanksgivingoliver Snow in the backyard

For me, backside wall rides never get old.

thanksgivingwallride Snow in the backyard

While we were riding the bus dropped off the kids and well it was hard to get a run in after that. I’ve raised a group of poachers.

Tieg off the roof.

thanksgivingteig Snow in the backyard

Avery 50/50

thanksgivingavery Snow in the backyard

Max bomb drop off the roof.

thanksgivingmax Snow in the backyard

Product page is still unfinished even after I promised to have it ready. Been shipping out boards just as soon as I get them made but I hope to get some complete pics soon. The prices will raise just a bit for this season so if you order before I get my new product page up you will save!

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