What tha f#$K you might ask? and I wouldn’t have an answer. Lets just say that sometimes, snowskating makes you a bit crazy, or maybe your were a bit crazy to begin with. So yea, here are some pictures of a skate sub I just pressed. This idea has been floating around in my head for awhile. I built the first proto at the end of the season before last and was quite taken with the novelty at first. For some reason it kind of went into dormancy during the winter as I balanced orders with R&D. Some of you have seen pictures or the proto against the shop wall. This sub is an attempt to clean up the initial idea a bit. To sum it up, your basically riding two subs with the ability to alternate between them maybe….


clipsuptop zps8cc6574e Summer snowskate blog post


clipsubbottom zps8c82504a Summer snowskate blog post


clipsubside zpsed59673c Summer snowskate blog post


clipsubturn zps37c5e997 Summer snowskate blog post

risers down

clipsubrisersdown zpse4e4fa21 Summer snowskate blog post

risers up

clipsubrisersup zps84c26eb1 Summer snowskate blog post

Now that you’ve seen the pictures you know as much as I do


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