It may look like a “spatula” but it was tricky getting this egg on there ūüôā

spatula egg Hungry?

Before I get into too much detail on the sub check out the new narrow insert bases. These are mainly for¬†the Ralston 1 1/2 insert spacing although the spatula is sporting a 2″ dim. That’s right I just introduced another option. Actually I think we should all change to 2″, would fit both narrow and wide boards. But I’m sure that’s not going to happen so I guess I’ll be alone in that.

spatula truck base Hungry?

spatula complete apart1 Hungry?

spatula camber Hungry?

this either looks like a duck bill or some kind of serpent with its mouth open. Any other sugestions?

spatula duck bill Hungry?

Ok even I’ll admit that the nose is HUGE and square. Uh….what can I say, I wanted a plunge proof nose. I want that¬†thing to pop up like a toaster. I will concur that the shape could be a bit less sponge bob . The dims on this thing are 46″ long, 6″ at the widest on the nose, 5¬†3/8″ wide on the tail. Camber with early rise nose. Basically¬†its a 40″ ski in a 46″ body.¬† I have not ridden it¬†but if we get a few more inches with this next storm I’ll at least hike a bit this weekend and report back to you.

spatula verticle bottom Hungry?

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