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Stack of Decks

blackout stack1 Stack of DecksSeems like I’ve done this the last few years, post up a picture of an almost finished batch of boards. This is the first moderate size run of decks that I’ve done using the new press and new shaping jigs. As is always the case little mysteries present themselves while working and plans change. Nothing too drastic and in reality its all part of the process, weeding out the things that don’t work so the things that do can florish. Anyways here’s the shot, hope to have some finished pictures soon. I’m going with a blacked out look for the sidewalls, although you’ll see one finished natural. My thinking is that if the edges get scratched up then you can fix it with a sharpie. Hopefully I’ll have some finished pictures soon.

Archives revisit #1

When we set up the new blog with WordPress all the old content from the original blog was lost. This was not an accident. I look forward more to the season ahead then behind but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some stuff I wouldn’t want to revisit. The first winter of ChillerDecks was 05/06. What began as a way to use old snowboards to ride terrain around my yard morphed into a desire to always ride strapfree. The first year, I met Jordan who was also riding his own snowskate creations and he told me about “Shut Up and Snowskate.” He described it as a bideck comp where you wouldn’t see any single riding. Here are a few pics of that comp, to say it BLEW my mind is an understatement. I had no idea!

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TrileThreat Archives revisit #1

Although I was riding a really wide snowskate, the slushy terrain was kinda perfect and I was able to have fun on some of the smaller features.

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New Snowskate Press

new press New Snowskate Press

Here’s last summer’s project. The Jacks apply pressure and the boat jack brings the form up so you can pull out the deck. There’s one in the oven right now. I set this press up to do two decks at a time but right now just pressing singles until I get a bit faster with the epoxy. My old press is still up and running, it uses vacuum for pressure and has an adjustable form. I’ll still be doing the 37″ decks on it. This gives me a bit more flexibility seeing how I won’t have to change forms to do different sizes.

First post of the season

Ok I know I haven’t posted anything for months but it’s not because I haven’t been working on snowskate things. In fact it’s cause I’m spending too much time on decks and trucks that I’m having to work a bit more to catch up on the cabinet stuff, thus leaving little time for blogs. But I’ve got something HOT off the press for today. I’ve been thinking and talking about this style of sub for a few years now and I just realized no ones going to make it for me so I’ll have to do it. This is just a peek, more pics and dimensions to come.

Sub01 First post of the season