Today was the first Thursday where we did not go into the backcountry. With the warm temps and rain yesterday, things were looking a bit on the crappy side as far as powder goes. Oh well, it was a good day to stay in bounds and goof around. Neither Cole nor I can ollie very well, but that didn’t stop us from trying. There is this flat spot at the top of the mountain that is on a hump. Most skiers and snowboarders never go up there cause its a little bit of a hike but the groomers pass through and its always buffed. There is a nice mellow incline for riding flatground and big long manuals. We built a little bump and practiced ollieing off it. I guess you could call it the snow version of a jump ramp.

ollie top of one Ollie post

ollie cole Ollie post

A snowmobile came by and I got a tow into this snow mound.

ollie snowball Ollie post

We are planning a Snowskater cross for the 11th of April. It will be loads of fun and I’ll be posting more on it as the time gets closer. Also I’m just finishing up the last batch of boards for the season. I’ve got a bit of everything, FPS completes 151 and 152 and three of the new Morning wood’s as well as unmounted finished decks. I’ll post up a full list with prices first of the week… heck I might even put it on the Product page, wouldn’t that be nice?

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