west bowl waterbreak 300x225 Powder

Every since the beginning of the season, Cole and I have made Thursday our hike day. There is nothing like the feeling of heading out of bounds away from the crowds and hacked up runs into some fresh untracked terrain. There was a pretty good dump on Tue (see previous post), and the winds hammered on Wed. You could see the wind gust tracks in the trees, certain areas were blown clean while others were all white. The feeling was to head in the direction of the all white areas. The first two runs were great, the third was horrid, almost to the point of wanting to call it a day. We didn’t though and went in search of one more gem to ride out on.  The slope was pretty mellow, probably around 23-27 degrees but it was open and untracked and the powder was light and fast. I think a lot of skiers and boarders would consider it a bit boring, but on a powderskate it feels like the ultimate play wave and you just don’t want to stop.

west bowl tracks Powder

I’m still having a bit of trouble with my video editing software but with a little luck sometimes clips come out ready to go so here’s another minute of turns.

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