dec thur coles new board Test run

I told Cole I had a couple of boards coming in from Florida Powder Skates. I was thinking about keeping the new 151 for myself. He pretty much just payed me before I had a chance to say no. The new 151 is a cross between the 152 and 125. It has the dims of the 125 but the length and insert locations of the 152 and as an added bonus an early rise nose. this translates into a sub that can float the deep stuff but still carve ice.

dec thur chairlift Test run

Most of the mountain is still closed, just not enough snow. This means all you need to do is hike a few yards and you get untracked goodness.

dec thur cole hikeing Test run

dec thur coles carve Test run

dec thur cole grab1 Test run

Cole loves his new board, he was going on and on about how the thing rips and we had only been riding an hour or so. It just didn’t take anytime to get her dialed in. When he was catching his breath I borrowed it for a rip. Yep it works!!!

dec thur mark carve Test run

We were just hiking this little patch next to the groomer track above where the cat track came in. No one bothered to hike the 40 yards up the hill so we had it all to our selves. Groomers can be fun too.

dec thur carve Test run

A quiver doesn’t need to be really big to cover the bases.

dec thur boards Test run

After hitting this patch we had to navigate some really hard icy areas that had been over skied. Cole had no problem on the 151 and passed me right by. Sure on tight narrow icy crap he slid out a bit but overall the board killed it. Good job Adam!!!

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