model board nose The nose knows

The fun thing about recycling is you don’t always get a choice on what graphic your going to use. I’m running out of Dragons and Helicopters so it’s time to pull out the models. This should give the gawkers something to stare at.

model board complete bot The nose knows

model board side view The nose knows

Morning wood camber with a tapered side cut, I’ll ride it tonight for its maiden voyage.

The Thursday rides are getting better and better. The snow is piling up and the backcountry is smoothing out. Yesterday we had four skaters pounding out the boot and we were able to get 7 laps in. The glade was untracked when we arrived first thing in the morning but by noon there were 28 deep trenches down her. I feel just a tinsy bit bad for cutting up all that powder… well not really.

powder day top The nose knows

powder day road The nose knows

I still haven’t gotten my video editing software working but here’s a 1 mn clip that came out pretty good. Everyone’s on snowskates, even the filmer(me). One of the guys, Tim, has only been snowskating one other time.

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