four s MW 123 Thursday report

Uh…what can I say about these three boards? They are the same yet different. Stiff, mid and soft flex from left to ride. To remember just think of Kate Moss being the stiff one. So as you might guess they each turn and edge differently. I haven’t taken out the soft flex yet, this Saturday for sure, but I kinda have an idea of how it will handle, kinda. It will be fun to ride I’m pretty sure. Definitely a perk with this little obsession, you get to ride something you have speculated on.

There is a snowskating misconception that the sport simplifies things. In reality it makes things more complicated as evidence of the boards we would be packing to the hill. We rode the beginner hill until the quad opened up. Always a nice warm up, mellow fresh groomers. Then back to the new spot which has been delivering some great turns.

four s tailgate1 Thursday report

We probably got about 4-5 inches but all of our tracks from last week were pretty much filled in. We were able to salvage the boottrack which made for quicker laps.

four s hike Thursday report

I have been having fun with the pole cam as you have all probably noticed. What I like watching the most though is the footage of the board, basically from the knees down. I just like watching the board as it turns. It feels like if I watch close enough I’ll actually be able to understand what is going on, but I never do.

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